Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A to Z Challenge

You know what the A to Z Challenge reminds me of? Childbirth.

I should point out that I have yet to experience labour, but bear with me.

Apparently giving birth is rather unpleasant. It's messy, it's painful and it takes a long time (sometimes a bloody long time - sorry Mum). But at the end of it, after all your efforts, you're rewarded with something pretty amazing: the knowledge that you are responsible for creating something in which you can truly take pride.

That and a tiny, screaming, poop-filled, vomit-producing infant.

Anyone who has taken part in the A to Z Challenge in previous years will probably agree that parallels can be drawn. Apart from the part where you end up with a child. That bit doesn't quite fit into the analogy.

Blogging almost everyday for a month is tough. Last year I signed up at the last minute and found that it very quickly turned into an exercise of how well I could make things up as I went along (could you tell how little forward planning went into my bloglets?) Having to think of 26 different topics to write about was difficult enough, but then actually having to write about them in a way that others would (hopefully) enjoy? On some days that seemed darn-tootin' impossible, my friends.

But, with lots of metaphorical blood, sweat and tears, I got there.

And just like the mothers who, having forgotten the pain they experienced, decide to do it all again for a second time, so have I signed up for this year's challenge.

This time, though, I'm considering having a theme for my bloglets so that they at least give the appearance of being planned ahead of time, rather than being randomly plucked from the ether.

Any advice on whether or not a theme is a good idea, or what you think the theme should be would be very gratefully received.

Also, are any of you thinking about taking up the challenge this year?


  1. I just signed up on Friday. I'm looking forward to it. I've promised myself to plan ahead more this year. We'll see how that goes. I'm not doing a theme. I can't think of any theme that seems like something I could stick with for a whole month, and definitely not in alphabetical order. Just my little two cents worth; I think your blog really lends itself to not having a theme.

    1. You're probably right - Inane Ramblings having something approaching structure wouldn't feel right! I think I assumed a theme would make things easier, but I'm not so sure. I'd probably worry that things didn't fit it properly. Plus, going theme-less means you never know what I'll throw at you, ha ha!

  2. I'm in again this year and you had me cracking up comparing it to childbirth. It's SO true!!! Somehow it's all worth it in the end. I think having a theme makes it a lot easier. Kind of like knowing if you are having a boy or a girl so you know how to decorate the nursery and which cute clothes to buy ahead of time ;)

    1. I really would like one year to go with a theme, but as I replied to Danielle above, I'm not sure it'll be this time round (yes, I'm chickening out). Maybe, when I've done the challenge a few more times I'll actually find something I know enough about to fill a month's worth of blogs!

  3. I think I'd rather do 100 A-Z blogging challenges than give birth! Well, we'll see on the 1st of May!

    Good luck with it all :)

    1. 100 A-Zs sounds pretty awful - you'd have to think of one hundred 'q' topics!

      Thanks for stopping by, I'll be sure to visit your blog, and good luck for the challenge!